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Thursday, September 2, 2010

To Honor our Donor Family

My apologies again for not posting sooner. For an update on Isaac, he is doing very well now. About two weeks after we were released from Lubbock with no real diagnosis and an antibiotic prescription, he ran out of his regular pediatric drink. So, we had to go and buy some formula to bridge the time while we received his regular milk. We went and bought Isomil Go & Grow for ages 9 - 24 months. For the longest time since he started the diarrhea, I had asked to get his milk changed and his transplant team just didn't think that could be the problem. It was just worrying me because he was stooling 6 to sometimes 8 times a day. I was scared that he would get dehydrated. He was on this new formula for about 4 days and I noticed that the diarrhea was pretty much gone. I was extremely excited because it meant that I was right. Of course, I don't know what exactly in that milk caused his diarrhea but something did. So he was kept on the Isomil powder formula. Because we have to mix it to be 30 calories per ounce, we have been having to buy about 3 cans of formula each week. Whew...a little more expensive than we anticipated. Today, I started him on Pediasure. I'm asking for prayers that this milk works. He has never been on milk-based formula so we're all a little worried. If this milk takes, it will be so much easier than having to buy powder and mix it. We also think that his current formula is making him throw up a lot more. I think that because it is powder, you have to make sure that it settles before it is fed to him. It is more work just to feed him than I'm ready to add. Again, asking for prayers that this new milk works for him and doesn't cause gut problems.

On another note, I have been thinking and thinking about writing our year anniversary letter (a few months late) to our donor family. It really made me want to even more after our friend's little boy
Logan had major trouble with his heart failure and finally recieved his life-saving gift this past weekend. We were so relieved and sad at the same moment. Its hard to realize that someone's child had to lose their life to save another, yet they'll never really know how much it changes our lives and how thankful we are. I've been searching online for some inspiration on writing our letter and I found the most beautiful poem about organ donation. I think with the author's permission, I may have to add this to our letter. Isaac and Logan.....THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!

♥In Honor of My Donor Family♥

I received a gift, on a jet it flew
It came from someone I never knew.

It came with no card, ribbon or bows
But sent to me that’s all I know.

It didn’t arrive in a box or sack
And is a gift one would never send back.

The gift in size is rather small
Compared to its power to conquer all.

You’ll never hold this gift in your hand
It’s given to people throughout the land...

This beautiful gift has set me free
What a precious gift and given to me.

This gift was given out of selfless love
And delivered to me with help from above.

These gifts are so priceless, valuable and few
When you know of this gift, you will agree too.

With this gift I can hold my head high
To dream the impossible and reach for the sky.

This gift has taught me to scream and shout
Now let me tell you what this gift is about.

This gift will not be taken in strife
The gift I speak of is that of life.

The gift of life handed me a key
It opened doors and set me free.

Organs aren’t needed at your final destination
Leave them on Earth without hesitation.

Every human will someday be called to come home
Your organs may stay and continue to roam.

No need for organs in the heavens above
Leave them on Earth for others to live & love.

Now that all has been said and done
Please donate your organs and give life to one.

Let’s spread the news let’s scream and shout
Organ donation is what it’s all about
Karol Franks

God Bless You All!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Endoscopy and Colonscopy

Isaac has undergone a colonoscopy and endoscopy and has been out for an hour. He did well through the procedure and is in his room resting at the moment. We are asking for major prayers right now. When the GI doctor was going through the colon, he found some masses and blister-like pouches. He showed us pictures and said that he's never seen blisters like that before. He took biopsies of the masses that were there and results should hopefully be back by Monday. They have no idea of what it could be but are starting him on an antiobiotic for certain GI viruses called Flagyl. If the diarrhea starts improving, then maybe it was a certain virus causing it. No answers yet, but we are hoping for Monday. There are certain other things it could be but I'm not going to name them and scare people on here. We are already scared as it is and probably making too much of it, but just pray for the best. Sorry the update is so short, but not much more information than this was given to us. God Bless you all!

A Dedication to the Angel that gave me my new heart!

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