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Saturday, February 28, 2009

2 Days Old

So Isaac is 2 days old today and getting more handsome by the minute. I forgot to post how big (or how small) he was born at. He was 6 lbs 7 oz and 19 1/2 inches long.

We have spoken to some of the doctors that have been looking after Isaac. Basically, everthing is the same...nothing worse, and he is very stable right now. The team of doctors will meet on Monday to appoint and schedule his first surgery. Could be early or late next week. I'll keep everyone posted.

Great news is ... I WAS FINALLY ABLE TO HOLD ISAAC FOR THE FIRST TIME! It was great...I really didn't expect to get to hold him. He's already got so many tubes and wires, but hey we'll take all we can get. Holding him really seemed to calm him down. He was so peaceful and that seemed to keep ME at peace. As you can imagine, it was an emotional moment...especially for me. I held him for almost two hours (as much as they would let me before his next feeding). Ernest was able to just hold him also. Like I said, for the moment...we'll take all we can get!

I'm posting one more picture, because he's showing his features a little more.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our New Bundle of Joy

Isaac Anthony Lopez, born on February 26, 2009 at 2:59PM.

Sorry for the late update. I was supposed to have been induced yesterday morning but they had no rooms available. So they asked me if I wanted to go in at midnight and start the induction. We got to St Luke's at 11:00pm and we were finally able to get a room two hours later. They didn't want to start the induction process until later in the morning so they got me started on Oxytocin at 4am. I came in and was already having contractions and dilated, so it made it a little easier to get my contractions closer together. Everything was going well and smooth until I was fully dilated, but Isaac was not going down low enough. So I started freaking out when the doctor started talking about a C-section. I've never had any surgery done in my life and I was so scared. I asked them whether they were going to put me all the way under, but they said the epidural was enough to get me by and that Ernest could be right there by my side. We got to the operating room at 2:30pm and all was over by 3:00pm. So I thought everyone might like to meet Isaac. At the moment, he has his own ICU room at Texas Children's Hospital while I'm recovering at St Lukes. Once I'm well enough, I'll get to go finally see him. I was only able to hold his hand for a brief moment right after they cleaned him up and made sure he was stable in a ventilator. Daddy and some family have been able to go and visit him, but Eli cannot go into ICU until Sunday. He has seen pictures of his little brother though. So, as I was saying...I'm proud to introduce Isaac Anthony Lopez.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Isaac's Upcoming Arrival

Well, we're in Houston now! I had my appointment this Monday, and was given a date of when they want me at the hospital for induction....February 25th. Less than a month away and Isaac will be born...can't wait! I mean, I can wait especially because of the circumstances, but we are so ready to meet him.
Our apartment?...its okay, but I wish it was better. Its not really bad or in a bad neighborhood, I just hate where our actual building is located. We're in the back of a complex and have to almost walk in the dark to get to our apartment. I've got VERY limited access to internet, so it may be awhile before we get to update anything else. For now, this is all we know! We'll try to keep updated as much as possible.

A Dedication to the Angel that gave me my new heart!

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