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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Picture of Isaac, Dad, and Eli

Isaac is still doing well off of the ventilator. He had been on the C-Pap machine all night and all morning When we called to check on him this morning, the nurse told us that they'd give him a break from his C-Pap so that Dad could hold him for an hour. So, while he's holding him, I took a pretty good picture. Maybe we'll get some more in days to come. Doctor said he'll be on the C-Pap for a couple more days just to be sure his lungs are able to inflate themselves normally. He'll get one more break tonight and then tomorrow, he'll get more breaks. God is great! Keep praying for that "angel" heart to come along soon. Thanks everyone.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Marvelous Day

Isaac has been extubated!!!! He is free to move around, cry, wiggle and most of anything he can do. We're so excited. Its been since Easter that we've been able to hold him or even hear him. He kind of scared himself when he pursed his lips together and made bubbles. He had been put on just a nasal cannula for oxygen, but after the xray (done after extubation) one of his lungs was partially collapsed. Now he is on a cpap machine until his lung can inflate itself,which will hopefully be tomorrow after his morning xray. Then maybe then we can hold him. Tonight we left the hospital a little worried because Isaac hadn't peed in 7 hours. We're hoping that after the extra dose of lasix he will and so they won't have to put in a foley. The only other new changes recently was that they also had to give him a little extra blood. No big deal on that. Isaac will stay in CVICU for a few more days to make sure he does well off of the ventilator. After he's stable for a few days, he will either move to NICU or to step-down on the 15th floor. Its also a great day today because Isaac is three months old. What a great 3 month present for him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY ISAAC!!

On another note, Eli came this Memorial weekend and will be staying with us for at least a week again. Yesterday, we took him to the Museum of Natural Science and the Children's Museum. We all had great fun!
Sorry the update is so short. With all the excitement and Eli being here, we were just a little busy. I'll try to upfate more tomorrow. And if he's off of the cpap, I'll take pictures of our little man. You wouldn't believe how big he is. They are really trying to beef him up.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back on Active

Yep, Neuro has cleared Isaac to get back on active for transplant. It's great news, but we still have to wait. Currently, he is still intubated with no plans of extubating in the near future. He is on the lowest settings of the ventilator but when they do trials for breathing on his own, he gets angry and his numbers go down. Please keep him in your prayers! God Bless everyone!

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Headed in the Right Direction

Isaac has been stable. I'm never going to say anything better than that. It seems that when I do, it turns in a different direction. After being on a course of antibiotics and getting breathing treatments, let's just say that Isaac is "headed in the right direction. You wouldn't have even known that he had neuro surgery a week ago...even the next day, he was awake and looking around. He is still intubated and only on two drips now. They have weaned him off of the Fentanyl(narcotic/sedative drip) but if he shows signs of withdrawals then they'll give him Methadone. So, he's on milrinone and very low dose heparin (which they will change to aspirin soon). He's on some of the lowest settings on the ventilator and working towards extubation this weekend or early next week. Again, no promises! Currently, he is still inactive on the transplant list. His last dose of antibiotics is tomorrow but we still have to wait for neurology to give the transplant team the go ahead to put him back to active. This is because the clot in his head could've been due to the fact that he was on high dose heparin (for the clots in his legs). So if they were to tell the transplant team to activate him and he was to get a new heart in the next couple of days, the clot in his brain could get bigger from all the heparin that they'd have to give during and after surgery. Personally, I wouldn't like to rush it, especially because the clot in his head is already dangerous, but Ernest would like him to be put back on pretty quickly.

So...sorry it took so long for me to update. We were just taking it day by day watching him closely. This was probably one of the hardest last couple of days. Wondering, hoping, and praying....

Eli went back to Midland last Sunday. It was really nice having him here for the whole week last week. He put us back and gave us a taste of the real world for awhile.

Here is Eli leaving us while sporting his new spongebob suitcase...thanks Jaime, Lulu, Kaylee, Jamison, and Zach

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